Our therapy dogs have amazing awareness

Submitted by Rosemary for on February 4, 2014
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I felt the blessing of the Holy Spirit today. I am part of the volunteer therapy dog team at Providence St. Vincent Hospital. We are blessed to be allowed to visit patients and staff with our wonderful therapy dogs.

My dog Charm and I were asked to come in for an interview with a local TV station. We were in the Gerry Frank Children's Center, filming the dogs interacting with children and their families. The families enjoyed the distraction!

After the TV crew left, a visitor was petting Charm when a nurse brought a child back to their parents. The nurse turned to walk back to the examining rooms when Charm pulled me toward the nurse. Charm normally doesn’t pull at all when working, so I followed her lead.

Charm pushed her head under the nurse’s hand and almost positioned herself in front of her to make the woman stop. I looked at the nurse and said, “I guess Charm thinks you need a few moments with a therapy dog.”

She replied, “I need more than a few moments; my mother has cancer and had surgery this morning and I’m a bit stressed.” We both looked down at Charm in amazement (and tears in my eyes). Charm knew exactly who needed comfort and sought her out. These dogs are just amazing!


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